Writing Resource Center

Writing Skills Workshops

Students at a Writing Resource Center workshop

During the first half of each semester, the Writing Resource Center offers workshops on a variety of writing-related topics. Most workshops run from one to two hours.

Approximately one week before each workshop, you will receive registration information by email, so be sure to check your JMLS email account regularly.

Writing skills workshops include:

Organizing Your First Memo: Understanding IRAC and Its Kin

This interactive workshop will help students understand how to organize legal memos and will get them prepared to write their first memo. The workshop is designed for LS I students, but all are welcome to attend.

Unlock Your Powers of Persuasion: Keys to Writing & Winning

This workshop, geared for LS II students, will teach students the persuasion skills they’ll need when writing demand letters, memos, and briefs.

Cite It Right: ALWD & Bluebook Citation for Lawyers

This interactive workshop will help students understand and master the rules of citation critical to the practice of law. We strongly encourage all first semester students to attend. And we invite all other students to come and brush up on their citation skills before venturing into the job market.