Writing Resource Center

Advising Policies

The Writing Resource Center offers writing assistance to current John Marshall degree candidates. Your use of the Writing Resource Center shows acceptance of the following policies.


Writing advisors are available for scheduled sessions during the hours posted on the sign-up sheets outside of room 613. Try to work with the same advisor throughout the semester to establish a continuous learning relationship.

Note: Advisors do not edit or rewrite papers, and have no input on grading. Working with an advisor on a paper does not guarantee a grade. Your professor, alone, grades your work. Also, advisors will not address substantive legal questions. If you have questions about the law, please ask your professor.

Availability and Use

You can make appointments by adding your name and contact information to the sign-up sheets outside of room 613. As a John Marshall degree candidate, you may use the Writing Resource Center for all Lawyering Skills assignments and may work with the Center on papers for other courses, with permission from your professors. You may make one appointment per week. At times of peak demand, priority will be given to degree candidates requesting assistance on officially scheduled coursework and papers. No appointments are available for papers that are due the same day.

Submission of Work for Review

Please submit your most recent draft no less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to give your advisor adequate time to prepare. Please note that your advisor may not be able to review your entire draft. Also, if you are working on a rewrite, please give your advisor a copy of your graded paper, including your professor's comments. For all appointments, please bring a clean copy of your paper to the advising session so you can take notes. Your advisor will keep the copy you submitted earlier.

Appointment Cancellations

If you must cancel an appointment, please notify your advisor by email or phone 24 hours in advance and remove your name from the appointment sheet. If you cancel on the same day as an appointment or fail to show up, you jeopardize your ability to schedule future appointments.

Disclosure of Information

Your paper, with all personal information omitted, may be shared with advisors or others for training and instruction purposes. If you do not wish for your paper to be shared, please notify your advisor in writing. Advisors may also share with faculty and administrators information about a particular degree candidate's use of the Writing Resource Center or trends in candidate use of the Center.

Exceptions to these policies can be made by the director and Writing Resource Center staff when appropriate.