Student Organizations

Federalist Society

The John Marshall Federalist Society is the school's branch of the national Federalist Society. Its goal is to provide an outlet for conservative and libertarian ideas in the law school enviroment. We attempt to cultivate these ideas through the presentation of interesting speakers and debates on key subjects affecting the law and the country now and in the future.

While we do not have an official annual function we try to host speakers on a monthly basis and maintain meetings among our members. The chapter is building stronger links with the Chicago Lawyers' Chapter of the Federalist Society, for which members can get support and mentoring. Many of our speakers come from the following organizations:


You can show up to any of our speaker's events or ask any of our officers around campus about membership. Also joining the national Federalist Society as a student only costs $5 and has many benefits. Check out our Facebook page.

Executive Board

John Giokaris

Christopher Farrelly
Vice President

Gabrielle Richards

Bradley Crandall

Jennifer Divincenzo
Communications Director

Matt Custardo
Membership Director

Niha Razi
Events Director

Eric Vincent
Student Affairs Director