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Student membership in The John Marshall Law School Chapter of ACS is free. Email [email protected]

Student memberships in ACS National Organization is only $10. Membership forms can be downloaded from on the ACS website. Every member of The John Marshall Law School ACS Chapter is strongly encouraged to join the national organization. Please visit ACS National Organization website for more information on membership benefits at

As a national member you will have access to:

ACS Blog

ACSBlog is now live at This student-edited blog will feature breaking news summaries, informative articles and expert commentaries by some of the nation's leading legal scholars and practitioners. ACSBlog has already featured comments by Professors Erwin Chermerinsky on Separation of Powers, and Michael Seidman on gay marriage and the Pledge of Allegiance. Members and others are encouraged to post comments on the blog. No specialized technical knowledge is necessary; commenting is as easy as sending an e-mail. As appropriate, ask speakers from your events to submit short (200-400 word) summaries of their remarks. Often, pieces of this type can be based on the speaker’s notes for the program and require little additional work. These summaries may be featured on the blog as expert guest commentary.

ACS Newsletters, Weekly Bulletins, and Announcements

In addition to this newsletter, ACS distributes a seasonal newsletter and weekly bulletins. The newsletter features pictures and summaries of recent ACS events. The 2004 Summer Edition of the newsletter is available online. Weekly bulletins are the best way to stay abreast of current legal and public policy issues, job opportunities in the progressive community, and activities and future events at ACS and other organizations. Announcements are periodic emails sent to our members to alert them of important events. Bulletins and announcements are only sent to current ACS members. To start receiving them, join us.

ACS National Conference

Members can obtain scholarships to attend the national conference in Washington, D.C.

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