Campus Safety & Security Department

CTA U-Pass


The CTA U-Pass program provides full-time students unlimited rides on any CTA bus or train during the academic term. The cost is $140 for all students taking at 9 or more credits during the fall and spring semesters, and $75 for all students taking 3 or more credits during the summer semester.

U-Passes are valid from the first day of the regular class session until the final day of the semester. Should you want to use your U-Pass during breaks between semesters you are responsible for adding the appropriate funding to your card. Once the first day of the current semester's classes begins your U-Pass will become unlimited usage again.

CTA staff will be on site during orientation to take your picture for the U-Pass. Cards are distributed approximately 2-3 days later. Your U-Pass is valid for 4 years, and the same card will be used the entire time you are a student at John Marshall Law School. If you are unable to meet with the U-Pass staff during orientation, you can order a U-Pass through a security supervisor on the 2nd floor.

If your U-Pass is lost or stolen you will need to bring your student ID and $50 (check or cash) to the 2nd Floor Security Office (State Street Building). Hours are 7 a.m.-11 p.m.

If you have any questions regarding U-Pass you can contact Jason Dalmer at [email protected] or at ext. 309.

Security Flash Cab Service Policy & Procedure

To provide safe and adequate transportation to all The John Marshall Law School students, faculty, and staff.


  1. This exclusive service shall be utilized by all John Marshall students, faculty, staff, and guest of the law school.
  2. The taxi cab service is to be utilized from only the John Marshall campus, i.e., you have to be on campus in order to have a taxi cab from the Flash Cab Company contacted for you.
  3. Security at both the State Street entrance and the Plymouth Court entrance will be the main contacts to the cab company.
  4. While using the services of the Flash Cab company, you will be bound by the companies rules and regulations pertaining to damage to the taxi cab.
  5. This is an exclusive service that is being provided to help maintain the safety and security of all the John Marshall family, abuse of this program will result in the termination of use per individual basis.

Upon leaving John Marshall, one might stand outside the State Street or Plymouth entrance waiting to flag down a cab for service for an endless amount of time. The Flash Cab Company, a subsidiary of 303 Taxi, has provided the John Marshall Safety and Security Department with a direct line to the dispatch center for all the Flash Cabs operating in the South Loop. With the exclusive services now being provided by the Flash Cab Company, Security will be able to contact them direct and have a cab out front of the school on either the State Street or Plymouth entrance within a 10-minute timeframe guaranteed by the Flash Cab Company.

Here's how it works: A student, faculty, and/or staff member of John Marshall will notify Security at either ext. 501 (State Street Desk) or ext. 507 (Plymouth Court Desk) that a cab is needed. John Marshall Safety and Security Department will collect the individual's name who is ordering the cab, the destination address, the number of passengers, and method of payment (cash or credit). Regular rates for cab use will apply. If the individual who initially ordered the cab no longer requires its services, they must notify the Security staff as soon as possible to get the cab canceled in an effort to keep the services operating in a smooth, uninterrupted manner for all to use. This is a service being set up by the John Marshall Safety and Security Department in an effort to cut down on potential safety hazardous that may occur while waiting for transportation. This service is to be utilized in a professional manner as you are representing The John Marshall Law School while using this service. Any abuse of this service will result in the loss of privileges of the Flash Cab Companies exclusive transportation use to The John Marshall Law School.