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SofTest Examination Software

Using ExamSoft's SofTest application, you will download your exams and upload your answers after the exam via the internet. You will not require an internet connection during your exams; however, you will require an internet connection to download your exams and upload your answers.

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Downloading the SofTest Application

» Go to John Marshall's SofTest Exam Portal

Follow the directions on the ExamSoft website to download the SoftTest Application.

Downloading an Exam File

  1. Establish an internet connection.
  2. Open the SofTest application by double-clicking on the application icon.
  3. Click the Download Exam Files button.
  4. Enter your student ID (no leading zeroes) and password (provided in the instructions you receive by email), and then click Next.
  5. Click Next (The download password is not required.)
  6. Select your exam from the list, and click the Download.

» Get SofTest Instuctions and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions