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Frequently Asked Questions

The Registrar's Office receives numerous questions each semester from students. The most-frequently asked have been answered below. Please contact the Registrar's Offices with further questions.

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1. How do I withdraw from the law school or take a leave of absence?
2. How many credits can/must I take per semester?
3. I missed the drop/add deadline and need to change my schedule — what can I do?
4. How do I arrange to take an independent study?
5. Can I audit a course at John Marshall?
6. I would like to take my examinations on my computer. What do I need to do?
7. What is the policy regarding exam conflicts?
8. How do I get an "official" transcript?
9. Where can I get a bar application?
10. Where can I get information about the MPRE?
11. Where can I find my class rank?
12. I'm thinking of studying as a visiting student at another law school. How do I do this?