Registrar's Office

Dean's Certificates

Illinois Bar Certification

The Dean’s Certificate is one component of the application to write the state bar exam. After graduation, the Registrar's Office automatically prepares the Certificate of Dean for each graduate and submits it to the Illinois Board of Law Examiners. After you submit your application, the Illinois Board will confirm receipt of all materials and will notify you of the missing Dean’s Certificate. Please realize we must wait until after graduation and all grades are received to mail this certification, however, we will ensure its delivery before the deadline.

Other State Bar Examinations

If sitting for a bar other than Illinois, it is the student’s responsibility to check the appropriate state bar’s website for its requirements. Upon written request to the Registrar's Office, we will provide to all state bars the required documentation with respect to certification of graduation or for matters pertaining to character and fitness. As a graduate of The John Marshall Law School, no fees will be charged for this service.

Please Note: It is essential that all obligations to the school be fulfilled prior to providing the above information to any state. Certification will be withheld for any graduate who fails to do so.