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December 2017 Graduates Only!

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Please Note: John Marshall must print your name on your diploma as it appears in our records. If you wish to use a different name than the name that you have registered with John Marshall (due to marriage, divorce, etc.), and have not already done so, please provide the Registrar's Office with a copy of the legal document authenticating the name change. Once this documentation is received, your information will be updated in our system. Please plan accordingly for this, since John Marshall is only permitted to print graduates' registered names in the Commencement program and on diplomas.

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Diploma & Commencement

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Diplomas are generally printed 6 weeks following Commencement. Will you pick the diploma up at this time from the Registrar's Office?

Note: If yes, an email will be sent when diplomas are available for pickup. If no, your diploma will be mailed to the address above.

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JD & LLM Certificates

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Positions Held

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Teaching Assistant
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Student Organizations

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JD Students Only

Please identify the faculty member you believe most deserved of the Lex Ancilla Justitiae Award. The Lex Ancilla Justitiae Award is given to the faculty member deemed most influential by each year's graduating class. (Graduate students, please enter "N/A".)

JD students, will you be sitting for the upcoming Illinois Bar Exam?

If not the Illinois Bar, which state bar will you be writing?

Please Note: The Dean's Certificate is one component of the application to write any state bar exam. After graduation, the Registrar's Office automatically prepares Dean's Certificates for each graduate and submits them to the Illinois Board of Law Examiners.

If you will be sitting for a Bar in a different state, it will be your responsibility to check the appropriate State Bar's website for its requirements. Upon written request to the Registrar's Office, we will provide the required documentation pertaining to a certificate of graduation or for character & fitness.

Please realize that we must wait until after graduation and for receipt of all grades before mailing this certification. However, we will ensure its delivery before the deadline.

You will receive one diploma. If you would like to order additional diplomas, please fill out the appropriate form found in the Registrar's Office, Room 301, or on the Registrar's webpage:
Include a check payable to the John Marshall Law School in the amount of $40 for each additional diploma requested.

Please Note: If your mailed diploma is returned to the Registrar's Office, or if your diploma has not yet been picked up, it will be kept until 90 days after the release date. After 90 days from its release date, it will be your responsibility to submit a request for a replacement diploma and to pay the fee of $40 for each diploma requested.


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