Louis L. Biro Law Library

Who May Use the Library

The library is open to:
  1. Current students, faculty (full-time and adjunct), and staff of The John Marshall Law School
  2. Alumni of The John Marshall Law School
  3. Current members of the Chicago Bar Association (CBA), excluding student members of the CBA
  4. Current students and faculty of law schools that are members of the Chicago Legal Academic System (CLAS): Chicago-Kent, University of Chicago, DePaul, Loyola, Northwestern
  5. Individuals who present a properly completed interlibrary loan form signed by a librarian (access is limited to retrieving the library materials listed on the form)
  6. Members of the public who desire to use the library’s federal depository documents collection (access is limited to use of the federal depository documents in the library)
  7. Individuals who have received advance permission to use the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) collection
  8. Individuals who have received special authorization from the library director or associate director to use the library (e.g., to access materials available only at the JMLS library)
  9. Individual students, faculty, and staff from members of consortia to which JMLS belongs who seek to use resources available in the library

To enter the law school, patrons must swipe in at the security gates with a valid JMLS photo ID card or present other valid identification. Students and faculty of Chicago-area law schools must present a current law school ID card. CBA members must obtain a JMLS-issued ID card in addition to their CBA card to enter the building, print out, or copy materials in the library or check out books. The JMLS-issued card requires payment of a $10 fee (cash or check only) and completion of the Library Usage Agreement for CBA Members at the Security Department office, room 209 on the second floor of the State Street building.

CBA members may also obtain ID cards for their law clerk(s) to allow them to use the library and check out materials on their behalf, by completing the Library Usage Agreement for CBA Members and paying $10 for each clerk’s card. Members of the public who wish to access the federal depository documents must present valid identification at the security desk to gain entry to the law school. They will be directed to a reference librarian for assistance with the federal depository collection.

Check-out privileges

Current students, faculty (full-time and adjunct), and staff may check out circulating materials by presenting their John Marshall ID card at the circulation desk. Alumni of John Marshall may check out materials by presenting a valid JMLS-issued alumni card, and current CBA members will need to present their JMLS-issued ID card. No other library patrons have direct check-out privileges.

Use policies

Use of the library is a privilege extended to those who comply with its rules and procedures. Library privileges may be withdrawn from anyone breaking these rules or exhibiting disrespect for the library, its staff, or its patrons. Serious violations of library rules will be reported to the appropriate disciplinary body or authorities.

  1. The library serves as a quiet place of study for many of its users. Please respect other users by keeping noise to a minimum, including adhering to the following policies:
    • Please adhere to library rules regarding talking. The 6th floor is designated as a group study area where quiet talking is allowed. The 8th floor is an absolute no talking zone reserved for silent, individual study. The 9th and 10th floors are designated research floors where talking is not encouraged and should be very quiet when necessary.
    • Group study rooms are available in the library for students who would like to quietly study as a group or work collaboratively. Study rooms can be booked online via the link on the library’s home page. Only current John Marshall students may use the library’s group study rooms.
    • Technological devices (computers, cell phones, tablet devices, headphones, etc.) should be kept quiet and not be audible to other patrons.
    • Talking on mobile phones is not permitted in the library. Please leave the library or go to a stairwell to talk on your phone.
  2. The library permits drinks in covered containers, including plastic bottles and cups with lids. Food may be brought into the library, but please be respectful of fellow patrons and do not bring in food that is noisy, strong smelling, or messy.
  3. Failure to return materials when due may result in fines, processing fees, and replacement fees.
  4. Certain online subscription databases are accessible only to current John Marshall students, faculty, and staff and may not be available to alumni, CBA members, and other patrons. CBA members and alumni have access to a limited version of Westlaw and certain other subscription databases from dedicated terminals on the 6th floor of the library.
  5. Library staff will not attempt to locate patrons in the library.
  6. Patrons who violate library use policies may be asked by a library staff member to show their ID card. Refusal to do so is a violation of library use policies.

“This library is a congressionally designated depository for
U.S. Government documents. Public access to the government documents
collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code)”

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