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For more than 100 years, it has been our mission to make a difference in the lives of our students and our community. We offer more than an education. At John Marshall, we prepare you with the strategic, analytical, and transactional skills to change lives. And we specialize in educating attorneys who can be successful without needing a lot of on-the-job training and handholding. As a John Marshall student, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose courses from one of the most robust curriculums in the nation
  • Benefit from nationally ranked and nationally recognized programs
  • Gain valuable real-world law practice and client experience
  • Connect in Chicago, one of the nation’s most dynamic legal markets

6 Reasons to Study at John Marshall
As a John Marshall student, you'll have a wide range of innovative courses to choose from to help you carve a path to justice. In addition to our nationally ranked Intellectual Property Law and Trial Advocacy programs,, we offer extensive courses in today’s most relevant areas of law, including business, information technology, international law, and public interest law. And whether you take International Human Rights or First Amendment Issues in the Digital Age, our courses are designed to offer you the training you need to change the lives of your clients and impact you community.

You can also earn a JD certificate in areas, including alternative dispute resolution, international human rights, sustainability, trial advocacy, and more.

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We’ve been a leader in skills training for decades, and we continue to lead the nation in innovative skills teaching. At John Marshall, you’ll complete four semesters of training in our #6 ranked Lawyering Skills program while at most other law schools you’d only receive two semesters. Why? We know what legal employers look for in new hires, and we know our focus on skills training means success on the job from day one. When you enroll at John Marshall, you’ll develop the strategic, analytical, and transactional lawyering skills that are valuable to employers.

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Law isn’t practiced in the classroom; it’s practiced in law firms, corporations, and courtrooms, which is why experiential learning at John Marshall isn’t just a guarantee, it’s a graduation requirement. Work in our nationally recognized Veterans or Fair Housing Clinics, advocate for international human rights, support victims of domestic violence, work on patents and trademarks for tomorrow’s innovators, or choose from 100+ externships with a judge, a government agency, or a nonprofit organization. Whichever you choose, you’ll graduate with the practice-ready experience to change lives.

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A faculty of 200+ full-time and adjunct professors stands ready to help you develop the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be a successful attorney. Drawn from the nation’s top scholars and practitioners, our faculty brings real-world experience and advice to the classroom, along with leading-edge connections to the practice world. They have authored textbooks and published in the nation’s most prestigious law reviews, presented their scholarship at international conferences, served as experts in cases and before legislative bodies, and represented clients throughout the nation, including before the U.S. Supreme Court. Our faculty is invested in creating an academic environment that allows you to be productive and successful.

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You’ll gain a strong sense of community by joining a student organization and participating in student life on campus. In addition to our award-winning Student Bar Association, we boast more than 50 active student organizations that engage in social awareness, community service, legal discussions, and social activities. There’s a student group for nearly every professional, cultural, and political interest that exists. Get involved to expand and enhance your law school experience, as well as deepen your relationship with faculty and alumni.

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With more than 18,000 alumni—10,000 in Chicago alone—and 25 chapters of The John Marshall Law School Alumni Association throughout the world, when you graduate you’ll inherit a network of enthusiastic alums all across the United States, as well as in South America and Central Asia, invested in your success.
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The Financial Support to Focus on What Matters Most

Automatic Scholarship Consideration

We know that financial concerns are at the top of the list for many students, so we’ve eliminated the scholarship application process, making that one less detail you need to worry about. As soon as you apply to John Marshall, you are automatically considered for a wide range of merit-based scholarships, including support packages for full tuition with a stipend for living expenses. And we'll include your financial support in your acceptance letter to put your mind at ease. There’s no question that financial support helps free up time for experiential learning, honors programs, and involvement in student organizations, and we want you to have every opportunity to maximize your time in law school.

If you have any questions about scholarships, feel free to contact Melissa Hansen, our Director of Admission.

Financial Aid

In addition to scholarships, we’re committed to helping every student find the financial aid necessary to make a career in law a reality. Our Office of Financial Aid assists admitted and current students with a variety of loan information and throughout the financial aid application process.

Diversity and opportunity are our guiding ideals Are you a servicemember interested in law school?

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Academic Programs

After four semesters of foundational training in our #6 ranked Lawyering Skills Program, you'll have a wide range of innovative electives to choose from to help you carve a path to justice. Regardless of which courses interest you, you'll develop the strategic, analytical, and transactional skills to change the lives of your clients and impact your community. We specialize in educating attorneys who can succeed from their first day on the job.

JD Certificates

As you begin your elective courses, consider further focusing your education in a specific area of law. Whether you choose our nationally ranked Trial Advocacy or Intellectual Property Law, or any of our other programs, our JD certificates offer you the opportunity to develop further competitive distinction at the JD level. Each certificate is designed to serve as a guide for selecting electives in specific areas of study and to develop the courtroom-ready skills that employers seek in career applicants.

Earn a JD Certificate in one of the following areas:

• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Intellectual Property Law (ranked #15 in the nation)
• Sustainability
• Trial Advocacy (ranked #20 in the nation)

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Impact Your Community

Experiential Learning

One of John Marshall's hallmarks is experience training—in fact, practical experience is guaranteed for all of our students. You'll sharpen your skills in one of our Community Legal Clinics or 100+ externships, working under the mentorship of a judge or attorney, by assisting real people with real legal problems—veterans, victims of domestic violence, citizens facing housing discrimination, and other people who need your help.

Community Legal Clinics

Law isn’t practiced in classrooms—it’s practiced in the real world of law firms, corporations, and courtrooms. In order to be successful as an attorney from your first day on the job, you need to have practical experience. Our nationally recognized Community Legal Clinics offer you the opportunity to develop real legal experience before you graduate in an environment designed to develop the courtroom-ready skills that employers seek in career applicants.


Forge Your Own Path to Success

Career & Professionalism Support

When you graduate, we want you to find a great job and that takes persistence, preparation, and planning. Under the leadership of Appellate Justice Margaret Frossard (ret.), Associate Dean of Professionalism & Career Strategy, our Career Services Office is ready to help—not only with career-counseling services and resources for your job search, but also with guidance to build your resume in law school, including judicial clerkships and other placement opportunities, mentoring programs, networking events, and other career-prep offerings. Through Justice Frossard, you'll also have unique opportunities, like the Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke Professionalism Series, to interact with experienced members of the legal community who share insights about resolving ethical challenges and how to distinguish yourself to employers.