Dual Degree Programs

JD/MBA with Benedictine University

Benedictine Courses Accepted by The John Marshall Law School

John Marshall will accept up to 16 quarter hours from the following Benedictine University MBA courses (on campus or online) to be counted as 9 elective credits toward the dual JD/MBA degree. These approved courses must be taken after completion of the first year of law study at John Marshall.

MBA Courses

Each of the following courses count for 4 quarter hours.

  • Accounting for Non-Financial Managers (MBA 501)
  • Business & Economic Forecasting (MBA 613)
  • Business Law (MBA 545)
  • Compensation & Benefits(MBA 572)
  • Federal Income Taxation (MBA 512)
  • Information System Auditing (MBA 616)
  • Intellectual Property (MBA 546)
  • International Business (MBA 539)
  • International Economics & Finance (MBA 619)
  • Labor Relations (MBA 571)
  • Legal Issues in the Workplace (MBA 633)
  • Tax Influences on Decision Making (MBA 605)

John Marshall Courses Accepted by Benedictine University

Benedictine University will accept up to 10 credits from the following list of John Marshall JD courses (on-campus or online) to be counted as 16 quarter hours of electives in the MBA program.

General Courses
Employee Benefits Courses
International Business & Trade Law Courses
Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law Courses