School Directory


Sharon Y. Cannon
Chief of Staff to the Dean

Ramsey Donnell
Associate Professor of Law Library
Director, Library & Technology

Margaret O'Mara Frossard
Associate Dean for Professionalism & Career Strategy

Marc D. Ginsberg
Associate Dean for Graduate & Center Programs

Ali Haleem
Director, Campus Safety & Security
Title IX Investigator

Ardath Hamann
Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Michael Huggins
Executive Director, Marketing & Communications

Samuel V. Jones
Associate Dean for SCALES & Inclusive Excellence

Annie Krug
Executive Director, Institutional Affairs

Jennifer Pope
Assistant Dean for Student Life & Leadership

Lauren N. Prihoda Weiner
Director, Alumni & Donor Relations

Troy Riddle
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Cynthia Sah
Chief Financial Officer

Nancy Shalowitz
General Counsel
Assistant Dean for Human Resources

Julie Spanbauer
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Chanté Spann
Assistant Dean for Admissions