School Directory


Sharon Y. Cannon
Chief of Staff to the Dean

Karen Halverson Cross
Associate Dean for Administration

Ramsey Donnell
Associate Professor of Law Library
Director, Library & Technology

Rodney Fong
Associate Dean for Academic Achievement, Institutional Assessment & Bar Preparation

Stuart Ford
Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development

Margaret O'Mara Frossard
Associate Dean for Professionalism & Career Strategy

Ali Haleem
Director, Campus Safety & Security
Title IX Investigator

Ardath Hamann
Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Michael Huggins
Executive Director, Marketing & Communications

Samuel V. Jones
Associate Dean for SCALES & Inclusive Excellence

Anita Nelson
Executive Director, Financial Aid

Jennifer Pope
Assistant Dean for Student Life & Leadership

Lauren N. Prihoda Weiner
Director, Alumni & Donor Relations

Troy Riddle
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Cynthia Sah
Chief Financial Officer

Rebekah Saunders

Nancy Shalowitz
General Counsel
Assistant Dean for Human Resources

David E. Sorkin
Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Julie Spanbauer
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Chanté Spann
Assistant Dean for Admissions

Richard J. Wilson
Acting Associate Dean for Clinical Education

Department Heads

Marlo Atchison

Allison Bethel
Director, Fair Housing Legal Clinic

Kim Chanbonpin
Director, Lawyering Skills

Lurene Contento
Director, Writing Resource Center

Nathan Cutler
Director, Trademark Clinic

Sarah Davila-Ruhaak
Co-Director, International Human Rights Clinic

Edward Farmer
Interim Director, Veterans Legal Support Center & Clinic

Celeste Hammond
Director, Center for Real Estate Law

Melissa L. Hansen
Director, Admission

Renee Hatcher
Director, Business Enterprise Law Clinic

Joanne Simboli Hodge
Director, Moot Court Honors Program

Kimberly Isemann
Director, Career Services

Joseph Kearney
Director, Special Projects

Kathryn J. Kennedy
Director, Center for Tax Law & Employee Benefits

Paul Lewis
Director, Center for International Law

Daryl Lim
Director, Center for Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law

Hugh Mundy
Director, Center for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution

Sheila Murphy
Co-Director, Restorative Justice Project

Mary Nagel
Director, Externships

Kelly Anne Navarro
Director, Conflict Resolution Institute & Clinic

Damian Ortiz
Director, Pro Bono Program & Clinic

Jorge Rovelo
Chief Compliance Officer

Steven Schwinn
Co-Director, International Human Rights Clinic

Michael P. Seng
Director, Fair Housing Legal Support Center
Director, Czech/Slovak Legal Institute
Co-Director, Restorative Justice Project

Debra Stark
Director, Domestic Violence Clinical Advocacy Program

Jody Whisnant
Director, Information Technology

Heather Williams
Payroll Manager

Arthur Yuan
Director, Chinese IP Resource Center
Director, Patent Clinic

Peggy Ziemba
Director, Calendar & Events