International Human Rights Clinic

Develop Experience in International Human Rights Advocacy

The International Human Rights Clinic provides a wide array of experiences related to human rights advocacy, both at home and abroad. As a student in the Clinic, you’ll work on everything from traditional legal research in support of our cases and projects to client outreach and fact investigation to public education and media advocacy. You’ll also work with other organizations, including partner institutions and non-profits here and around the world. In the accompanying seminar, you’ll learn human rights law and various human rights advocacy techniques and skills.

International Human Rights Clinic (JD 174CL)

John Marshall's International Human Rights Clinic (JD 174CL, 2-4 Credits) provides degree candidates practical, real-world training in international human rights advocacy. The Clinic meets once a week for two hours, with specific time dedicated to substantive human rights law and advocacy (just like a seminar), and a portion dedicated to clinic work (like law firm case rounds). Students also schedule clinic work and meetings on their own time. Students submit a portfolio of their work for feedback and at the end of the semester for a grade. Final grades are based on the portfolio and class participation. Students can register for two, three, or four credits. Clinic work is allocated according to the number of credits earned.

Careers in International Human Rights Law

Breaking into the human rights field is challenging. Having a theoretical foundation in international law and international human rights law is essential. In addition, having the practical skills in fact-finding, producing reports, negotiating, and engaging in targeted audience advocacy are all essential to human rights work and the public interest field. IHRC students will acquire cutting-edge skills to be practice ready for domestic public interest work, international human rights, development, relief effort, or any other related field.

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