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BELAW students help identify their clients needs.

The BELAW augments the work of chambers of commerce, community development corporations, community organizations, as well as city, county, and municipal governments with pro bono legal representation. We go to the communities where these organizations are located and make presentations about the legal services that the BELAW provides, meet with prospective clients and learn how we can be of service, and help them make their businesses grow and prosper. The BELAW also conducts workshops on topics of interest, such as entity formation, agreements among business owners, protection of business and trade secrets, and lease agreements among others. We can tailor a workshop presentation to your needs.

In a business context, legal questions arise in many different shapes, sizes and levels of complexity. Our community outreach program is designed to provide information about common legal challenges businesses face and to provide access to legal services to solve them. Some examples of the legal services the BELAW provides include advice with respect to:

To request a guest speaker, contact Renee Hatcher, Director of the Business Enterprise Law Clinic, at or call 312.427.2737 ext. 829.