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Office of JD Admission

Notice About 2018–2019 Tuition, Fees, and Cost of Living


For the 2018–2019 academic year—which starts in August 2018 and runs through July 2019—The John Marshall Law School will keep tuition for all students flat (no increase), at $1,565 per credit hour.


For fees, the CTA has increased the cost of its pass by $5/semester and health insurance will increase to $2,863. No other fees will increase.

Estimated Living Expenses

The approved cost of living for JD students, and for LLM/MJ students who are not in completely online degree programs, will be $24,980 (fall and spring combined). Please note that the rent budget remains at $1,100/month; please be cautious in signing a lease for more than that amount. The Office of Financial Aid can assist with information about affordable apartments in the area.

All students, but particularly part-time students, should review the law school’s Financial Aid Eligibility Policy at to ensure they are enrolled in enough credits to qualify for financial aid.

New Laptop Requirement for Students Entering in or After Fall 2018

For incoming students only (new and transfer), the law school has added a laptop requirement. By adding this requirement, financial-aid-eligible students may complete a Budget Increase Form to cover the purchase of laptop (not a desktop computer), up to $2,500. Students must complete the form, attach a copy of their receipt, and submit the information to the Financial Aid Office. Request the budget increase before purchasing the laptop. Budget Increase Forms are available in the Financial Aid Office. Please contact if you’re not able to pick up a form on campus. A budget increase for a laptop may be granted only once during a student’s law school career. Also, to qualify for financial aid support, your laptop must meet JMLS minimum performance specifications, which will be available by April 30, 2018. An FAQ will also be published at that time. To qualify, laptop purchases must be made after August 1, 2018 to be valid. Students are encouraged to consult with Anita Nelson, Executive Director of Financial Aid, before purchasing a laptop, to ensure that the purchase will qualify for the budget increase. Funds for the budget increase will be disbursed directly to your student account. Any outstanding balances or debt owed to the law school when the computer loan is issued will be subtracted from the loan; the law school will then refund the remainder.

2017-2018 Admission Tuition & Cost of Attendance


JD, LLM, and MJ Tuition (Per Credit Hour) $1,565
LLM & MJ Distance Education Supplement Fee $250

Application/Admission Fees

Application Fee: There is no application fee. $0
JD Tuition Deposit* $400
LLM and MJ Tuition Deposit* $200
Foreign Applicant Tuition Deposit* $500

Other Fees †

Technology Fee (Per Semester)‡ $100
Academic Success Fee ($550 per semester for 5 semesters)§ $550
CTA U-Pass
(Fall or Spring Semester, Minimum of 9 Credit Hours) $140
Replacement Card Fee $50
Loan Repayment Assistance Program Fee (LRAP) $10
Student Activity Fee ¶ $25
Returned Check Penalty $50
Late Payment Penalty $125
Payment Plan Setup Fee $75

Estimated Living Expenses for JD Students

Room & Board $15,300
Health Insurance (Annual Fee Charged in Fall)‖ $2,655
Transporation $1,242
Personal $4,050
Books $1,700
Federal Fees $560

Estimated Living Expenses for LLM/MJ Students

Room & Board $15,300
Health Insurance (Annual Fee Charged in Fall)‖ $2,655
Transporation $1,242
Personal $4,050
Books $850
Federal Fees $560

Estimated Living Expenses for Students Enrolled in the Online Estate Planning Program

Room & Board $0
Health Insurance (Annual Fee Charged in Fall)‖ $0
Transporation $0
Personal $0
Books $850
Federal Fees $560

Living expenses are based on nine months and have been updated for the 2017-2018 school year. Living expenses are different for LLM/MJ students and for those taking online courses only. Other fees may apply.

*Non-Refundable; Applicable to Tuition
†Students who are only registered in online courses (100%) are not charged the following fees: CTA U-Pass, Loan Repayment Assistance Program Fee, and Student Activity Fee.
‡The technology fee (implemented for all JMLS students beginning Fall 2014) supports the acquisition and maintenance of technology (in the form of infrastructure, services and resources) to enrich the students’ academic and campus experience.
§Starting in Fall 2015 and thereafter, each student will pay the academic success fee to cover the cost of a new academic success and bar readiness program. This new program will include extensive bar preparation materials and programs for the student during law school. This fee may be partially refundable in the case of early withdrawal. The fee is separate from cost of attendance and is not eligible to be covered by federal loans.
Students who participate in the academic success program will receive a free commercial bar course when they graduate (each student can choose among BarBri, Kaplan, or Themis).

‖Students may opt out during the first 31 days of the semester with proof of insurance. Students entering in Spring 2018 will be charged $1,541.
¶The student activity fee supports the activities and programs of the Student Bar Association and of the more than forty active student organizations.

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