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MJ in Real Estate Law

After completing cohort introductory courses, non-attorney MJ candidates take all other courses with attorney LLM candidates. Our MJ program builds on students' knowledge of the real estate industry and gives them the ability to understand the context in which real estate transactions are done and to assess the risks in those transactions.

Our MJ curriculum, developed with input from our Real Estate Law Advisory Board and the faculty, takes a transactional approach to legal education. Courses are taught by full-time professors, who are recognized experts in areas of commercial real estate law, and practicing adjunct faculty who offer degree candidates the unique opportunity to learn about real estate law in the context of the real estate industry and to learn to understand the business objectives and concerns of real estate clients. Degree candidates will graduate equipped with the skills needed to assess and evaluate risks and to be able to ask the right questions to quickly cut to the heart of their clients concerns.


MJ in Real Estate Law candidates must complete 24 credits to earn their degree. In addition to 11 credits of required course work, candidates will select elective courses to focus their degree. No thesis is required for graduation.

Classes are held during late afternoons, evenings, and on Saturdays to accommodate those who work while earning their MJ. Part-time MJ candidates often complete the degree in 2 years, but have 5 years in which to complete the program requirements.

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Proposed Schedule

This proposed schedule is based on a two-year degree track.

Year One, Fall
Introduction to American Law (2 Credits)
Introduction to Basic Real Estate Law & Practice (2)
Introduction to Legal Materials & Analysis (2)
Year One, Spring
Commercial Real Estate Transactions (2)
Real Estate Elective (3)
Year Two, Fall
Real Estate Electives (6)
Year Two, Spring
Drafting & Negotiations Skills Workshop (2)
Real Estate Electives (4)