The Center for International Law

LLM in International Business & Trade Law

Position yourself for a successful international legal career with our LLM in International Business & Trade Law. Optimized to provide degree candidates with a solid foundation in the rules, regulations, and legal approaches underlying international business and trade law, our LLM program offers enhanced marketability by building on Chicago's legal, business, and trade resources.

Our curriculum combines coursework, skills training, and research developed to meet the needs of a changing world and marketplace. Courses are taught by leading U.S. academics and international and trade law practitioners who have international practices and who know the cutting-edge issues involved in trade, investment, and regulation.

The LLM in International Business & Trade Law offers concentration certificates in the following areas:


LLM in International Business & Trade Law candidates must complete 24 credit hours in order to earn their degree. In addition to required courses, candidates will select elective courses to fulfill their degree requirements. Degree candidates must graduate within five years with a 2.5 GPA or higher.

Proposed Schedule

Degree candidates pursuing the LLM in International Business & Trade Law should consult with the Center to plan a specific degree program tailored to their needs.


Required Courses

*Candidates are required to take only one of these courses. If U.S. Customs & Import Law is taken, the candidate must take an additional one-credit course in trade law.

Elective Courses

**Candidates may earn credit for each section of the Masters Class they complete.

Please review each course description to determine what prerequisites apply.