Alumni Advantage Program

We understand the challenges facing today's law school graduates, and we are moving aggressively to address them. We see these difficult times as an opportunity for forward-thinking professionals to reinvest in themselves. To encourage this reinvestment, The John Marshall Law School is encouraging our unemployed and under-employed JD graduates to seek an advanced degree in one of our LLM programs by offering a tuition scholarship in these programs.

Available Programs

For qualified graduates, the AAP will entail a 50% reduction in the prevailing tuition rate for each of the following programs:

Audit Programs

Any John Marshall graduate may audit a JD course at 50% scholarship of the prevailing tuition rate. These courses are subject to seat availability. Certain skills courses, at the discretion of the law school, will not be available to graduates. Graduates auditing a course cannot take the final exam. Graduates auditing must adhere to the LLM guidelines below:

LLM Programs*

Any John Marshall graduate may apply to one of our LLM programs, and, if accepted and qualify, may enroll at 50% scholarship of the prevailing tuition rate.

* Enrollment in an LLM program may qualify you for health insurance, financial aid and deferment of student loans. In order to be considered for financial aid, qualifying applicants must be enrolled in a minimum of three (3) hours in an LLM program, per semester. Attorneys are eligible to receive CLE credit for all courses completed, including audited courses.


While AAP is presently available, the school needs to reevaluate this program annually based on its limited resources and thus, there is no promise for continued renewal beyond the current academic year.

How to Apply

To apply for any of the programs mentioned above, please complete one of the applications below. An application is required every semester to be considered for the program. Failure to meet any of the applicable deadlines renders the application invalid.

Application deadlines are:

Program Applications

Alumni Advantage Program Application
For graduates who are entering their first semester of an LLM program or for JD/LLM students who have recently graduated from the JD program and are now taking only LLM courses.

Alumni Application Program Tuition Waiver
For graduates who are currently continuing in an LLM program or returning from hiatus status.

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