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John Marshall

Throughout its history, The John Marshall Law School has upheld a tradition of diversity, innovation and opportunity, and has consistently provided an education that combines an understanding of the theory, the philosophy and the practice of law. Founded in 1899, The John Marshall Law School today is proud to be recognized as a dynamic independent law school, promoting excellence in all aspects of legal education.

The John Marshall Law School provides one of the most comprehensive and aggressive professional skills training curricula in the country, including trial and appellate advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, client counseling, negotiations and legal drafting.

Students and faculty also benefit from state-of-the-art computer technology in the library, in our modern computer classroom, and through wireless Internet connection.

Our seven Centers for Excellence serve as an academic foundation for our students' successes. Their specialized curricula are among the most comprehensive in the country. In addition to our six LL.M. programs-employee benefits, information technology law, intellectual property law, international business and trade law, real estate law and tax law - John Marshall offers its students a joint JD/LLM, JD/MBA (in conjuction with Dominican University), JD/MPA and JD MA (in conjunction with Roosevelt University). Foreign students may elect to earn an LLM in U.S. Studies.