Welcome to The John Marshall Law School

Our Mission

Honoring its history, The John Marshall Law School upholds, through its varied juris doctor and graduate degree programs, a tradition of diversity, innovation, access and opportunity, and consistently provides an education that combines the understanding of both the theory and the practice of law.


An Enduring Tradition

For 110 years, The John Marshall Law School has been a pioneer in legal education. Guided by a tradition of diversity, innovation, access, and opportunity, our doors were open to women, minorities, and working-class students when others were closed. Our first classes, offered as evening and part-time programs, provided access to legal education when it otherwise would not have been possible. These principles have served us well, and they allow us continually to drive legal education into the future.

The John Marshall Law School strives to instill in its graduates the sense that an attorney must earn the public's trust by acquiring the learning, skills, and the values essential to fulfilling their responsibilities to the justice system and to those whom the profession serves. This standard has led John Marshall alumni (16,000 strong) to amass an enviable record of public and civic service. Service to the community has been a part of the John Marshall tradition since the law school's inception, and continues to inspire our students to professional excellence.

Today, The John Marshall Law School is forging a future of unparalleled achievement with:

The John Marshall Law School is committed to setting the standard in legal education. We will continue to experiment, innovate, and adapt to the changing demands of legal education, while holding true to those principles that have guided us to success. We will continue to educate and train effective advocates and counselors, instilling in them an appreciation for The John Marshall Law School.