Scholarship & Financial Award Opportunities

John Marshall-Funded Scholarships

Dean's Scholarship   +Details
Distinguished Scholar Scholarship   +Details
Edward T. Lee Scholarship   +Details
Howard T. Markey Distinguished Scholarship   +Details
Student Veteran Yellow Ribbon Scholarships   +Details

Donor-Funded Scholarships

Edith & Philip Baim Scholarship   +Details
Alvin H. Baum Family Fund Internships   +Details
Louis L. Biro Scholarship   +Details
Borg-Warner Scholarship Fund   +Details
Susan L. Brody & Robert N. Mack Academic Fund for Women in the Law   +Details
Claude E. Carr Scholarship   +Details
Central Illinois Alumni Chapter Scholarship   +Details
Norman M. Chernick Scholarship   +Details
Decalogue Society of Lawyers Scholarship   +Details
Edward A. Dillon Memorial Scholarship   +Details
Salvatore DiMucci Scholarship   +Details
Diversity Fund   +Details
Joseph J. Duffy Trial Advocacy Scholarship   +Details
DuPage County Alumni Chapter Scholarship   +Details
Bernard Fleischman Scholarship   +Details
James E. Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship   +Details
Adam Goran Scholarship   +Details
Jeanne Brown Gordon Scholarship   +Details
Grotefeld, Hoffmann, Schleiter, Gordon & Ochoa, LLP, Veterans Legal Support Clinic Scholarship   +Details
Fred Hampton Scholarship   +Details
Hawaii Alumni Chapter Scholarship   +Details
The Heart of John Marshall Scholarship in Honor of Miss Criss   +Details
Fred F. Herzog Scholarship   +Details
Burt B. Hirsch Scholarship   +Details
Donald Hubert Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Legal Diversity   +Details
Dwight & John Dwight Ingram Scholarship   +Details
The John Marshall Law School Alumni Association Scholarship   +Details
Robert Gilbert Johnston Endowed Scholarship   +Details
Judge's Scholarship for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution   +Details
Zunaira Zaheer Khader Memorial Endowed Scholarship   +Details
Jacquelyn Forte Kidder Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Legal Writing   +Details
Samuel T. Lawton, Jr. Scholarship   +Details
Dr. Eugene T Leonard III Endowed Scholarship   +Details
LGBT Scholarship   +Details
Log Cabin Legal Services Scholarship   +Details
Frank and Jeanne Lupel & Joseph and Katherine Amari Scholarship   +Details
Mancillas Endowed Scholarship   +Details
Donald N. Mann Perpetual Scholarship   +Details
Louie Marks Scholarship   +Details
John C. Menk Scholarship   +Details
Marie Adornetto Monahan Endowed Judicial Extern Scholarship   +Details
Judge Kenneth Moy Endowed Scholarship   +Details
New York Alumni Chapter Scholarship   +Details
Northern California Alumni Chapter Scholarship   +Details
Bernard F. Oswald Memorial Scholarship   +Details
Pacific Commonwealth Group Scholarship   +Details
William E. Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship   +Details
Ralph & Evelyn Ruebner Scholarship   +Details
David R. Sargis Memorial Scholarship   +Details
Arthur M. Scheller Jr. Scholarship   +Details
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schimmel Scholarship   +Details
Walter E. Schirmer Scholarship   +Details
Allen H. Schwartz Memorial Scholarship   +Details
Pam Shu Scholarship   +Details
Southern California Alumni Chapter Scholarship in Memory of Dorothy Marcus Tavris   +Details
Spiros Family Perseverance Scholarship   +Details
Helen M. Thatcher Scholarship   +Details
George Trubow Memorial Scholarship   +Details
Veterans Assistance Scholarship   +Details
Washington, DC Alumni Chapter Scholarship   +Details
Will County Alumni Chapter Scholarship   +Details
Wisconsin Alumni Chapter Scholarship   +Details
Mrs. Anne & The Honorable George Zimmerman Scholarship   +Details

Donor-Funded Awards

Arthur A. Bogeaus Endowed Student Book Fund   +Details
Martin C. Hausman Award   +Details
Elmer Kissane Public Service Award   +Details
Lake Forest College Book Award   +Details
Francis D. & Corinne S. Morrissey Award in Professional Responsibility   +Details
Gerald S. Schur Book Award   +Details
Lucy Sprague Public Service Award   +Details

External Scholarships with John Marshall-Matched Funds

Scholarship Deadline Amount
Bohemian Lawyer's Association Scholarship Spring $2,000 +Details
Hellenic Bar Foundation Scholarship Fall $2,500 +Details
Justinian Society Scholarship Spring $1,000 - $5,000 +Details

External Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships offered by The John Marshall Law School and its scholarship donors, the Office of Admission maintains a repository of external scholarship information for admitted and current students. To view these listings, John Marshall students should log in to eCommons using the link below.

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