Student Counseling Center

Law school can be profoundly difficult at times. In addition to the pressure and stress already present during this transitional period, the fast-paced and competitive environment of this particular field can make it more difficult to manage the many responsibilities of academics, family, social life, work, and other activities.

To help students find a balance among these responsibilities, perform optimally, and achieve their academic and career goals, The John Marshall Law School has partnered with Sankofa Psychological Services, LLC, to offer confidential counseling, support, and consultation.

Services for Students

The John Marshall Law School Counseling Center offers reduced-cost, confidential individual, group, and couples counseling to help students negotiate emotional and relational difficulties, as well as to provide support as they matriculate through their program at John Marshall. Additionally, counselors can provide outreach and educational programming for student organizations and academic departments.

While each clinician is unique in terms of his or her area(s) of expertise and style of counseling, all are skilled in a wide range of issues law students typically face. These include, but are not limited to, life transitions; coping with stress; academic concerns; issues with identity; relationship and familial struggles; mood-related difficulties; anxiety.

Students who are interested in services through the Counseling Center may email the following information to

You will then receive a phone call or email to register for services and our optional online scheduling system.

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About the Counselors

Our counselors share a strong commitment to assisting students overcome obstacles to academic and personal success. They each have experience working in the mental health field prior to working at the counseling center and are currently supervised by licensed staff psychologists.


Brooke Kramer, PsyD
Jeff VanDenBussche, MA, LPC

Sarah Yi, MA, LPC