Academic Services (Registrar)

Final Exam Policy

Please review the final exam schedule carefully and retain it for your information. Each student is responsible for verifying the date, time and place of his/her examinations and for taking each exam as scheduled by the law school.

To view your final exam dates, visit eCommons > Current Schedules.

Exam Room Scheduling: Unless you’ve made arrangements with the Academic Services Office to take your exam outside of the scheduled date, time, or exam room, you need to check in with a proctor in the lobby on the first floor of the Plymouth building, who will then direct you to your exam room. You can begin checking-in one hour prior to the posted time of your exam. It is not required to report directly to your assigned room after checking-in, however, please be sure you’re seated in your exam room no less than 15 minutes prior to the posted time of your exam. Room information will be posted on the monitors if you happen to arrive after the start of the exam. Compensatory time will not be given to students who arrive after the start of the exam. If you have made arrangements with the Academic Services Office to take your exam outside of the scheduled date, time, or exam room, please do not sign in with the proctor in the Plymouth lobby, and instead, report to the location listed in the directions you received when rescheduling your exam.

The use and/or possession of any unauthorized electronic device during an examination is strictly prohibited and will be treated as a violation of the student code of conduct. Any authorization must be granted in writing by your professor, Dean Do, Dean Niedwiecki, or Dean Spanbauer.

Rescheduling of exams may be permitted in the following circumstances:

Students who fail to take an examination or complete requirements for their course will receive a grade of "WF," unless prior accommodations have been granted due to personal hardship. If accommodations have been granted, the grade of "NG" (incomplete) shall stand on the student record for no longer than one semester. The grade of Incomplete shall automatically convert to an "F" at the end of classes for the following semester unless the student has taken, before such date, the examination or has arranged for a definite date to take the examination.

Rescheduling a Final Exam

Exam conflicts are defined as:

  1. Two exams that start within a 23-hour period.
  2. Three exams taking place within four consecutive calendar days.

An email correspondence will be sent by Jim Farrell, Verification Administrator, approximately 1 month prior to the start of the examination period. Any exam conflicts will be processed at this point. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact Jim at

Please remember the following:

Taking a Rescheduled Final Exam

Students must report to the proctor station on the 5th Floor of the State Street Building, outside of Room 522, at least 20 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.

Late arrivals: If a student arrives after his/her start time, the student will be permitted to sit for the exam. Their start time, however, will not be adjusted and no additional time will be granted.

Students will set up their materials in an assigned room. Once set up, students will return to the proctor table to receive their exam copy and exact start time. Students must begin testing at this start time and must track their own progress.

Tracking time: Wristwatches are permitted, clocks are available in each room, and Academic Services can, upon request, provide timers. Students may not use any other unapproved electronic device (cell phones, etc.).

Students must finish their exam within the time limit, must immediately upload their exam to ExamSoft, and must return all exam materials to the proctor.