Moot Court Honors Program

Interscholastic Moot Court Teams

he John Marshall Law School has approximately 30 teams which compete nationally and internationally during both the fall and spring semesters. Students are eligible to try out for a team after completing the Herzog Competition. Tryouts are normally held in November for spring semester competitions, and April for fall competitions. To prepare for the tryout students need to fill out a questionnaire, list competition preferences, and attach a resume. The tryout consists of a five minute oral argument, often a portion of the Herzog argument, and a five minute interview. If the student has already competed on a team, the tryout consists only of a five minute interview. Professor Ardath Hamann, Professor Joanne Hodge, the Chief Justice of the Moot Court Board, and the Executive Justice of the Moot Court Board are on the selections committee. If selected for a team, students may receive up to two hours of graded credit for their participation.

For information on competitor qualifications, see our application and requirements.