Moot Court Honors Program

John J. Gibbons National Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition Teams

The John J. Gibbons Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition, now in its sixteenth year, focuses on timely issues of criminal procedure and criminal law. Held at Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, New Jersey, the competition annually host 32 teams from around the country.

Recent issues include the following: (1) whether during a vehicular stop for a traffic infraction, an officer may conduct a patdown search of a passenger when the officer has an articulable basis to believe the passenger bight be armed and presently dangerous, but has no reasonable grounds to believe that the passenger is committing, or has committed, a criminal offense; and (2) whether a criminal defendant's statement, obtained in violation of the Sixth Amendment, be permissibly utilized as impeachment evidence when a defendant testifies on his own behalf.

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In 2010, the team of Meghan Stokes, Tom Kelley, and Jim Payonk were Quarterfinalists and won Second Best Petitioners Brief. In 2009, Karl H. Mundt and Jennifer Anderson advanced to the octofinals. In 2007, Aleksandra Fremderman and Justin Watkins advanced to octofinals and won Second Best Petitioner's Brief.

2013-2014 Criminal Procedure Competition Teams

Team: Amy Brammel & Quinn P. Donnelly
Coach: Professor Hugh M. Mundy
Award: Octofinalists, 4th Best Oralist (Donnelly)

2012-2013 Criminal Procedure Competition Team

Team: Molly Bonner & Megan Monaghan
Coach: Professor Hugh M. Mundy

2011-2012 Criminal Procedure Competition Team

Team: Molly Bonner & Christopher Jarchow
Coach: Mark J. Vogel