Moot Court Honors Program

Evan A. Evans Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition Teams

The University of Wisconsin Law School sponsors this competition to honor the career of Judge Evan A. Evans. Judge Evans was noted for both his brief-writing and his outstanding oral advocacy.

Recent issues have included the following: (1) whether a school's attempt to regulate a student's Internet speech created off campus was a violation of the student's First Amendment rights; (2) whether a school is entitled to qualified immunity when strip searching a student.

In 2012, Kyle McConnell and Joseph Sheehan were Semifinalists and wrote the Best Petitioner’s Brief. In 2010, Carrie DeLange and John Heggie were Octofinalists. In 2009, Omar Sweiss and Clinton M. Crosier were Semifinalists. In 2006, Peter Dapier and Karen Simon advanced to cctofinals.

2014-2015 Constitutional Law Competition Team

Team: Daniel K. Cetina & Joseph R. Swee
Coach: Professor Mary Nagel
Award: Octofinalists

2013-2014 Constitutional Law Competition Team

Team: Megan D. Larkin & Adam O. Mastrangeli
Coach: Professor Mary Nagel

2012-2013 Constitutional Law Competition Team

Team: A. Andrew Makhlouf & Alex J. Whitt
Coach: Professor William K. Ford
Award: Octofinalists

2011-2012 Constitutional Law Competition Team

Team: Jeremy Kyle McConnell & Joseph C. Sheahan
Coach: Professor Mary T. Nagel
Award: Semifinalists, Best Petitioner's Brief