Moot Court Honors Program

Duberstein National Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition Teams

The National Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition is held annually at St. John's University in Queen's New York and is sponsored by the American Bankruptcy Institute. Annually, approximately 50 law schools compete, which makes this one of the largest single competitions in the nation.

Recent issues have included the following: (1) whether a claim holder's vote against a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization is made in bad faith where the claimant has obtained a total return swap for the debt that causes its economic interest to be contrary to that of the class of claims in which it votes; and (2) whether the substantive consolidation of two different debtor estates may be ordered upon a finding that the benefit to the estates of both debtors outweighs the harm.

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In 2012, Ian Friel, Christopher Jeckel, and Megan Pruesker were awarded Outstanding Brief (Top 5 out of 60) and were Octofinalists. In 2007, Reed Heiligman and Kathy Wantuch advanced to the semifinals.

2013-2014 Bankruptcy Competition Teams

Team: Margaret Domanski & Natasha M. Mansour
Coach: John F. Hiltz & Joseph Tiller

2012-2013 Bankruptcy Competition Team

Team: Gregory J. Guest, Inger Robertson, & Sean P. Williams
Coach: Coach: John Hiltz & Joseph Tiller

2011-2012 Bankruptcy Competition Team

Team: Ian Friel, Christopher Jeckel, & Megan Pruesker
Coach: John Hiltz & Joseph Tiller
Award: Octofinalists, Outstanding Brief