Fair Housing Legal Clinic

Education & Outreach

The mission of the Clinic is to create and ensure open, integrated and balanced living patterns. One means to accomplish this ends is to educate the public on fair housing laws.

Faculty, staff and clinical interns regularly schedule FREE education and outreach presentations throughout the year. These presentations include a general overview of the Fair Housing Act and state and local laws and regulations as well as the services of the Clinic, including enforcement activities. Every program includes a designated Question and Answer session. Clinic personnel are also available to briefly consult with attendees that may have housing concerns or believe they may be a victim of housing discrimination.

If you, your community organization, or local agency is interested in learning more about this service or wish to schedule a FREE presentation at your next meeting or event, please contact the Mary Jo Noriega, Test Coordinator/Director of Investigations, at mnorieg@jmls.edu.

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