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Our Mission

John Marshall's Fair Housing Legal Support Center & Clinic is dedicated to educating the public about fair housing law and providing legal assistance to private or public organizations that seek to eliminate discriminatory housing practices.

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Fair Housing Legal Support Center

The Fair Housing Legal Support Center provides support and assistance to public and private fair housing agencies, attorneys, and individuals with respect to fair housing and fair lending law. The Center organizes, presents, and participates in fair housing and fair lending seminars and training programs available to such agencies, attorneys, practitioners, and the public generally at The John Marshall Law School and throughout the U.S.

The Center's website presents information and resources on fair housing and fair lending law, as well as research on particular areas and developing issues to support seminars and trainings.

Fair Housing Legal Clinic

The Fair Housing Legal Clinic provides law students the opportunity to work with clients who have complaints of housing and lending discrimination. The Clinic is a matriculated, graded course of The John Marshall Law School. The students learn skills and values dealing with such matters as negotiation and administrative action at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); state, county, and municipal agencies; or the state or federal court. The professors and staff at the Clinic train the students in a law-firm setting on case management and lawyering skills with direct one-on-one teaching and supervision.

The Clinic's core mission is to provide representation to individuals who would otherwise be unable to obtain legal help with respect to fair housing and fair lending discrimination matters.

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