Czech/Slovak Legal Institute

Student Exchange Program with Masaryk University


Since 1994, a total of 17 students from the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University have been given the opportunity to have their expenses paid so that they could study law for one semester at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Each one of these students has then returned to the Czech Republic and embarked upon a distinguished career.

Fall 2010: David Wilhelm & Eva Hladka

Eva Hladka is in her third year of study and is in the top one percent of her class. She is particularly interested in legal history and the philosophy of law. She is pursuing a degree in Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University along with her studies at the Law Faculty. She is interested in studying American constitutional law and human rights law at John Marshall and hopes to work in the area of human rights when she completes her law studies.

David Wilhelm is a fourth year student and, in addition to his studies in the faculty of law, is pursuing a degree in the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University. He was an exchange student in high school in Madison Wisconsin. He is interested in commercial law and international trade law.

Fall 2009:Stepan Starha

Stepan Starha, a 5th year student of the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University and a resident of Brno studied at The John Marshall Law School as an exchange student. Hewas hosted by JMLS adjunct Professor Deborah J. Sveklig.

Fall 2008: Slavomir Halla & Lenka Kolarikova

Slavomir Halla, from Slovakia, in his fifth year of studies at the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University. He also took a course in public health at University of Illinois, Chicago and did an internship at the City of Chicago, Department of Public Health. Lenka Kolarikova, a fourth year student at Masaryk is from Slovakia. She took a variety of courses at John Marshall, including Intellectual property law. While at John Marshall Lenka won third place honors at the Class of the Titans Global Debate Challenge at the Mega-International Debate Competition “A-maze '08” in Delhi, India.

You can help bring another student from Masaryk University to study in Chicago by making a contribution to The John Marshall Law School and earmarking the contribution to the Czech Student Exchange Program in care of Professor Michael Seng.

Past Program Participants

Pavel Strnad (1994) who has his own law office in Prague concentrates in commercial and pharmaceutical law.Eva Kaderova (2004) works in his office. Both Jan Samanek (2000) and Olga Solcova (2003) are working in Prague with the Ministry of Justice. Jan earned his LLM at the University of Michigan on a Fulbright Scholarship. Jiri Zapletal (2005) is practicing with a private law firm in Prague.

Robert Erhart(1994) is an assistant to Justice Ludvik David on the Czech Supreme Court in Brno.Michaela Bejckova (2000) has been appointed as a judge and sits in Prague.

Daniel Hrbac (1994) and Henry Skacel (1996) have their own private law offices in Brno. Martina Pikolova (2003) is a full time mom. After he spent a semester at JMLS as one of our exchange students, Radim Charvat (2002) returned to John Marshall Law School to earn LLMs in Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology and Privacy Law under a scholarship granted by the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva. Radim returned to Brno and earned his PhD and works for a private law firm.

Lenka Cervenkova (2006) and Petra Novotna (2007) have earned their PhDs. Lenka studied one year in Australia and Petra studied one year in Belgium.Jan Lasak (2007) is clerk for Chief Justice Iva Brozova on the Czech Supreme Court and is now earning his LL.M. at Columbia University in New York.

Other Czech Student Exchanges

In addition to the students who have come to John Marshall under the Masaryk University Exchange Program, a number of other young attorneys have come here as Fulbright scholars or under other programs to study for lesser periods of time. Patrick Matyasek has his own law firm in Brno, and teaches law at Palacky Universtiy in Olomoucand. Petr Hlista is teaching at the Economics University in Prague. During the fall 2008 semester Vaclav Stehlik, an instructor at Placky University in Olomouc, received a Fulbright award to do legal research at John Marshall Law School.

John Marshall law students, Daniel Griffin (2005), Colleen Irwin (2007), Vincent Vidmar (2007), Elizabeth Crites (2008), Art Mangla (2009) and Adam Dixon (2009) have studied on an exchange program at the Metropolitan University of Prague, and their Czech counterparts, Marek Benes (2006), Lukas Pelikan (2007), Veronika Kucerova (2007), Monika Stachova (2008), Sami Afandis (2008), Jana Spiessova (2009) and Jan Kubec (2009) have spent a semester each studying law at John Marshall Law School. Omar Bartos (2007), Carissa Meyer (2008), and Gabriella Palencia (2009) have received Kohn Scholarships to study at Masaryk University in Brno.

Nada Matejkova (2008), a director of the Department of Lifelong Learning at Masaryk University Faculty of Law received a fellowship administered by the Fulbright program to study the LL.M. program at John Marshall Law School. Similarly, Radka Chlebcova (2008), a graduate student and instructor at the Masaryk University Faculty of Law, was sent to John Marshall Law School by her university to study the lawyering skills and clinical programs.

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Czech Student Exchange
John Marshall Law School Faculty and Staff and Masaryk University Faculty
of Law with attorneys who participated in the exchange program when they
were students at Masaryk University, October 2004.

Czech Student Exchange
Mrs. Doris Drost and Jiri Zapletal, exchange student, discuss Czech history
and current events, Arlington Heights, December 2005.

2006 Exchange Students
Petra Novotna and Lenka Cervenkova, exchange students with Professor
Michael Seng, November 2006.

Jan Lasak and Mike Seng
Jan Lasak, 2007 exchange student from Masaryk
University with Professor Michael Seng