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The John Marshall Law School has exchange programs in both Prague and Brno where John Marshall students can study a semester abroad. The Prague program is with the Metropolitan University in Prague where students can study courses focusing on: commercial law, European community law and intellectual property law among other subjects. Students can also study at the Masaryk University Faculty of Law in Brno where they can take an array of courses in European Community law, international law and Czech law. Courses at these universities are taught in English and are part of the Erasmus program offered to students from all over Europe. Students must have completed their first year of legal study and be in good academic standing. Students from Prague and Brno also can spend a semester studying at The John Marshall Law School. For more information contact Professor Seng.

Summer Program

Beginning in 2005, students at The John Marshall Law School have been able to participate in a summer course with a fieldtrip to the Czech Republic. Students enroll in a summer course on European and Czech law. There is a field trip for two weeks in Prague and Brno. The course is taught by Professor Michael Seng. Lectures are offered by Czech professors, attorneys and government officials. The focus of the course is on European Union Law and the transition that has taken place in the Czech Republic since 1989 from a Communist one-party system to a democratic government that is a partner in the European Community.

Students can earn up to three credit hours for the course. They are required to write a research paper as part of the course requirements. Prior to leaving for the Czech Republic, students attend lectures on the European civil law system in Chicago. Optional side trips are available for those students who want to take advantage of the opportunity for additional travel in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

The 2013 summer course will be conducted the first week in Prague and the second week in Brno will begin on May 19, 2013 and conclude on May 31, 2013. For more information regarding this course please contact Professor Seng at

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