International Human Rights Clinic

Our International Human Rights Work

The International Human Rights Clinic provides direct legal representation to clients and organizations in international and domestic forums, documents human rights violations, collaborates with other human rights organizations on cases and projects, publishes papers and reports, and presents on human rights topics.

Strengthening Human Rights at Home

We seek to incorporate international human rights standards in human rights issues of concern in the United States. Integrating international standards allows us to find greater sources of protection and diverse avenues for change. This innovative approach to domestic human rights expands what has been traditionally viewed as exclusively domestic to fit within a universal movement of human rights.

Strengthening Human Rights in the Americas

We collaborate with other non-profits on a project-by-project basis with the objective of strengthening human rights work in the Americas. Specifically, we prepare and submit research memos and any other supporting litigation or advocacy materials supporting existing litigation or projects lead by other organizations.

Strengthening Human Rights in Africa

We work with partners in South Africa on a project-by-project basis to support and defend human rights in South Africa and around the continent. We also raise resources for South African NGOs that provide direct human services to needy communities in South Africa. As part of our efforts, we also raise broader awareness here in the United States of issues related to race, gender, poverty, and development in South Africa.

Our Projects

Projects are selected with the view of promoting in students peer learning, advocacy skills, and the integration of theory and practice. These projects currently include:

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