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Teach (and Treat) Your Children Well: Preventive and Therapeutic Programs for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence | October 18, 2016
This program explores available therapeutic programs and resources for children exposed to domestic violence and how to access them. The program also provides information related to teen dating violence prevention programs and tools that exist in Chicago and how to access these resources for children, in particular, those at a higher risk of teen dating violence due to abuse they have already experienced.

Is There a Better Way to Protect Children From Domestic Violence?: Requiring Partner Abuse Intervention Programs in Custody/Visitation Cases | October 2, 2015
This program explores the harm to children from exposure to domestic violence and how requiring attendance and completion of a partner abuse intervention program (PAIP) can be a long-term method to reduce further domestic abuse and thereby promote the best interests of children in custody/visitation cases.

Legislative Promise Now Within Reach: Best Practices When Seeking Order of Protection Remedies | November 6, 2014
This program presents new developments and best practices to obtain and implement more complicated remedies, including firearm relinquishment, payment of support (child and spousal), temporary legal custody, payment of various types of losses, including attorney's fees, and various forms of counseling in the civil orders of protection.

Why She Doesn't "Just Leave": Understanding Domestic Violence and Illinois Measures to Empower Survivors | October 3, 2013
This program will addresses the nature and dynamics of domestic violence, the barriers to safely leaving an abuser, and the many resources in Illinois available to survivors of domestic violence to empower them to become safe, including Illinois legislation that provides critical protections to survivors of domestic violence.

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