Career Services Office

On-Campus Recruiting

Fall/Spring Recruiting Program

We invite you to participate in our On-Campus Interview (OCI) and Resume Collect Programs. Each fall, legal employers have an opportunity to conduct on-campus interviews with law students for summer and permanent positions. Our Fall Recruiting/OCI program typically begins in August. In recognition of legal employers’ need for flexibility in their summer and permanent hiring, John Marshall’s fall recruiting program extends beyond the traditional law school fall recruiting schedule.

We also offer a Spring OCI that typically begins in February each year.

Resume Collection/Direct Contact Programs

For those employers who decide not to conduct on-campus interviews, we offer the additional flexibility to receive resumes directly from John Marshall students or to have our CSO team pre-screen candidates’ qualifications. As a part of a Resume Collection, the CSO will provide you with student resumes, using your criteria, and provide you with qualified resumes by your requested deadline.

You may request OCI participation or resume collection via Symplicity, by completing our writable 2012–2013 Recruiting Brochure and Registration Form, or you may contact Cheryl Hudson Wright, Associate Director of Career Services at (312) 427-2737 ext. 572.

Joint OCI Programs

If you are an out-of-state employer and are interested in interviewing students from Chicago, we can help you maximize your hiring efficiency by arranging on-campus interviewing of law student candidates from several local law schools all in a single day.

How Does It Work?

John Marshall will act as the host school for your organization, and will invite the Chicago Consortium of Law Schools to participate in the OCI. You will work with one point of contact at John Marshall, and that person will coordinate with the other law schools. Each of the law schools will utilize the hiring criteria you provide and prescreen candidates accordingly. All materials will be forwarded to John Marshall, and we will provide you with your requested application materials by a specific date. After reviewing the application materials, you simply inform John Marshall of your selected candidates, and we will handle the rest.

Which Chicago Law Schools Can Participate?

To take part in our Joint OCI program, you may complete our writable Recruiting Brochure and Registration Form, or you may contact Sarah Haley, Associate Director of Career Services, at (312) 427-2737 ext. 502.