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Gain Practical Experience with Real Estate Externships

The Center’s externships are designed to enable students to gain firsthand experience in a transactional real estate practice or in a sustainability practice under the supervision of an experienced attorney. The Center places students with law firms, law departments, not-for-profits, and government agencies. For these externships, students will undertake 120 hours of supervised on-site work over a period of 6 to 8 weeks, participate in a classroom component provided by the Center for Real Estate Law, keep a journal of their experiences, and complete a short reflections paper.

Real Estate Transactions Externship (RE 620/JD 620, 2 Credits)
Prerequisites: Completion of both Real Estate Transactions JD 243 and Federal Income Taxation JD 135, plus one of the following cross-listed elective courses: Commercial Real Estate Transactions (RE 602/JD 602) or Real Estate Finance (RE 607/JD 607) or Leasing Ownership & Management (RE 605 /JD 605). These prerequisites provide students with the basic substantive knowledge and transactional skills needed to be ready for this externship.

Eligibility: JD students are eligible for this externship after they have completed at least 45 credit hours.

Sustainability Externship (RE 623/JD 623, 2 Credits)
Prerequisites: Completion of Real Estate Transactions (JD 243) and one of the following required courses: Energy Law (RE 624/JD 624), Environmental Controls Affecting Real Estate (RE 609/JD 609), Environmental Law (JD 260), or Natural Resources Law (RE 621/JD 111).

Eligibility: JD students are eligible for this externship, which is a practice-oriented elective for the JD Certificate in Sustainability, after they have completed at least 58 credit hours.

Application Deadlines:

Unpaid Legal Externships

Periodically the Center learns of opportunities for students to do unpaid, legal externships with give students an opportunity to acquire skills while in a setting where attorneys work on real estate transactions, issues and real estate litigation including cases involving property issues and title insurance claims. Externs generally are expected to work 5 to 15 hours per week on a flexible schedule to insure that students do not miss class. Interested students should contact the Center if they interested in doing such an externship.

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