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We offer more online JD courses than any other ABA-accredited law school in the nation. Choose from more than 50 dynamic courses, covering a wide variety of legal topics, to apply to your JD degree.* Taking law courses online has never been easier. The ABA currently allows second- and third-year JD students to take up to 15 credits online at the JD level. We offer high-quality, unique courses taught by talented and recognized faculty, and more classes are being added each semester.

How to Get Started

  1. Contact your institution for transfer credit approval.
  2. Request a Letter of Good Standing.
  3. Submit your Letter of Good Standing and a completed visiting student application by January 17, 2017.

Apply as a Visiting Student

For more information, contact Assistant Dean Teresa Do at 312.427.2737 ext. 688.

Choose from JD Law Courses in Today's Hottest Practice Areas

The following course listings represent a few of the courses available online for Spring 2017. To view course descriptions, click each course listing.

  • Cyberspace Law (JD 214, 3 Credits)
    Covering the nature of online services, governance, and business structures in cyberspace, including tort liability, freedom of expression, crime and security, privacy, intellectual property rights and protection, regulation, jurisdiction, and standards of ethics and propriety
  • Health Law (JD 115W, 2 Credits)
    Covering developments in medical and biological science, including medical regulations, genetic engineering, definitions of death, euthanasia, abortion, medical experimentation, and allocation of scarce medical resources
  • Leasing, Ownership & Management (JD 605W, 2 Credits)
    Covering lease terms of concern to lenders, property alterations, ownership obligations, rights and obligations of lessors, and dangers of loss
  • Patent Office Practice (JD 197W, 3 Credits)
    Covering all aspects of proceedings before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, including formal requirements of the patent application, communications from the examiner, requirements for restriction, rejection of applications and claims, examiner interviews, appeals from patent office decisions, certificates of correction, and reissue practice
  • Real Estate Transactions (JD 243W, 3 Credits)
    Covering acquisition and financing of real estate, public records, land descriptions and surveys, and negotiating, drafting, and execution of real estate sales contracts

*LLM courses may require additional approvals for JD credit. Applicants should consult with their home institutions before applying. Specific courses may only be available during specific times.

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