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A Message from Director Susann MacLachlan

Professor Susann MacLachlan

The John Marshall Law School prides itself on its extensive skills-training courses, activities, competitions, and workshops—all designed to prepare our students for strong careers in litigation and conflict resolution. Our newly created LLM in Trial Advocacy and Dispute Resolution is similarly calculated to assist current JD candidates who choose to dual-enroll in the LLM program, as well as to provide substantive benefits to practicing attorneys seeking to enhance their legal careers.

The courses we've prepared in this new LLM program are unique, innovative, and trendsetting, and are precisely the sort of instruction that today's legal community anticipates a school with John Marshall's skills-training legacy will offer. The required 12 credits include skills-based training courses such as Expert Witnesses, Litigation Technology, Advanced Scientific Evidence, Models of Dispute Resolution, and Negotiation Theory and Practice. Our LLM candidates then have the option of choosing from similarly distinctive courses such as Jury Selection, Media Relations and the Advocate, Family Law Mediation, or any of the other exciting and newly developed elective courses in litigation and conflict resolution.

The adjunct faculty members for these courses are leaders in the legal community, practicing in each of the areas offered and bringing forward-looking techniques to their high-quality instruction. State and federal prosecutors, state and federal judges, certified mediators, and civil law attorneys have been recruited to contribute their years of experience to educating our current JD candidates, and assisting practicing attorneys with refining existing skills and perfecting new ones.

For more information, download our LLM brochure, or contact me at the number below.

Susann "Sunny" MacLachlan
Director, Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution
Phone: 312.427.2737 ext. 557

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